Birchett's Wood is a beautiful twenty five-acre deciduous Sussex woodland and this is my workplace.

I have been a wood collier (maker of sustainable barbecue charcoal) for about ten years and I do this all year round within my wood. There aren't many women wood colliers but I'm very proud to be one of them, especially as I sell my product to the surrounding farm shops and make a living out of it.

I also have an acre size lake for coarse fishing (opening shortly)

I also produce high-quality firewood for the local villages and towns during the colder months, see the firewood page.


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Wood Collier



I take care of Birchett's Wood and create the maximum of flora & fauna possible.



Side Kick


Comedian / howler


I herd the chickens, pigs and protect the woodland. I love chasing squirrels, swimming, playing with frisbees & balls.

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